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Camp Host Shed

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The Friends of Chippokes provided funding for a new storage shed for the Camp Hosts.

 It will be used to store all their equipment and materials. 

Construction was started on 9/22 and the last nail was driven on 10/28/09 .

All the work was done by volunteers and park personnel.

The design is a prototype for use at all Virginia State Parks.


shed01.jpg (48330 bytes) Laying out the location.
shed02.jpg (64103 bytes) Building the forms for the concrete.
shed03.jpg (45075 bytes) Adding the gravel.
shed04.jpg (57009 bytes)  
shed05.jpg (45154 bytes) Adding the reinforcing.
shed06.jpg (44184 bytes) Bracing the forms.
shed07.jpg (41158 bytes) Ready for the concrete.
shed08.jpg (54851 bytes) The concrete truck arrives with 8 yards.
shed09.jpg (57806 bytes) The pour is complete.


shed10.jpg (54758 bytes) The forms are removed.
shed11.jpg (48290 bytes) Ready for the walls.
shed12.jpg (40431 bytes) The Airstream Club arrived for a couple of work days.
shed13.jpg (41901 bytes) Building the walls.
shed14.jpg (47576 bytes) Adding sheathing to the side walls.
shed15.jpg (35130 bytes)  
shed16.jpg (39470 bytes) Two walls were up by lunch.
shed17.jpg (42339 bytes) The third wall is started.

shed18.jpg (37635 bytes)

Adding sheathing.
shed19.jpg (43816 bytes) The Airstream Crew
shed20.jpg (25215 bytes) Installing the tie down bolts.
shed21.jpg (43624 bytes) The 4th wall is up.
shed22.jpg (42006 bytes) Siding is started.

shed23.jpg (60560 bytes)

Forms for the apron.

shed24.jpg (32366 bytes)

Installing the trusses.
shed25.jpg (35032 bytes) Lifting the gable ends into position.
shed26.jpg (37221 bytes)  
shed27.jpg (32720 bytes) Installing the end overhangs.
shed28.jpg (36129 bytes) Roof sheathing.
shed29.jpg (36131 bytes) Drip edge.
shed30.jpg (59201 bytes) Prime painting the trim.
shed31.jpg (42441 bytes) Roofing felt.
shed32.jpg (38379 bytes) Shingles.
shed33.jpg (40518 bytes) The roof is done.
shed34.jpg (37660 bytes) Installing soffit panels.
shed35.jpg (36309 bytes) roof trim.
shed36.jpg (36668 bytes)  
shed37.jpg (27860 bytes) The last nail !!!!!
shed38.jpg (26842 bytes) Interior view.
shed40.jpg (42499 bytes) Rear view.
shed41.jpg (38177 bytes) Finished and ready for painting.