FOC is a 50lc(3)
non-profit organization.

Summary of FOC's 2017 Accomplishments

  • Updated Friends of Chippokes Plantation State Park By-Laws.
  • Provided funds for purchase of golf cart for camp host, refrigerator for gift shop, and fans to cool brick kitchen and video room in visitor center.
  • Redid, replanted, and restored the Mansion flower bed to its Stewart's-era appearance.
  • Progress is continuing on the research, inventory, and archive of Chip pokes historical documents and artifacts.
  • Completed the design and construction of Chippokes Commemorative Wall to honor William Powell and Albert Jones for Chippokes 400th Anniversary in 2019.
  • Sponsored an elegant Garden Tea during Garden Week.
  • Compiled a FOC Yearly Event Descriptions, Chairpersons, & Projects listing.
  • Obtained Park Manager's approval to clean out and use the Gardner's Cottage for much needed storage space for the gift shop.
  • Co-sponsored the annual Chippokes Harvest Festival, and the 5K Tri-Cities Run.
  • Hosted rest stop for Peninsula Bike/Surry Century Bike Groups.
  • Eight (8) new members joined in 2017.
  • List of on-going accomplishments:
    • Operated gift shop; provided supply of firewood for campground;
    • reprinted a supply ofFOC publications;
    • honored park funding requests;
    • provided volunteer support for park events and programs including the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Steam and Gas Engine Show,
    • seasonal park decorating, and workdays;
    • purchased and potted flowers in mansion and gift shop areas;
    • provided food for volunteer groups, and farewell gifts for camp, park, and maintenance hosts;
    • maintained Stewart's gravesite;
    • monitored FOC website

      IN MEMORIAM: FOC sadly mourns the loss of two faithful members in 2017: Leonard Rich, Farm & Forestry Museum representative; and Rosemary Green, FOC Secretary.

FOC's Goals and Objectives for 2018

  • Update and republish the Chippokes Plantation State Park Welcome Guide.
  • Determine whether or not to update/revise/or reorder the 2006 Chippokes DVD
  • orientation film, "A Jewel on the James."
  • Promote and participate in Garden Week activities at Chippokes, to include sponsoring a Garden Tea.
  • Provide volunteer support for park Pollinator Garden Project.
  • Provide funds for Farm & Forestry Museum Cultural Garden Project.
  • Continue to oversee, maintain, and improve the flower beds and grounds in the mansIOn area.
  • Continue to assist the park in planning for Chippokes Plantation's 400th Anniversary in 2019. Provide funds for two plaques: "Est." and "1619", to add to the Chippokes Commemorative Wall.
  • Provide support for VAFP's (Virginia Assn for Parks) Advocacy Initiative on behalf of Virginia State Parks.

Friends of Chippokes Logo

Our Mission -"Here To Serve"

The mission of the Friends of Chippokes Plantation State Park is to identify and promote activities to enhance the cultural and natural resources of Chippokes Plantation State Park.

In furtherance of our mission, the Friends of Chippokes shall actively encourage donations and fund-raising to support the Park.

Our Activities and Programs

The knowledgeable and friendly volunteer staff at Chippokes love our park and are committed to giving all our guests a memorable and outstanding outdoor experience, rich in natural beauty and cultural history. 

The Friends of Chippokes develop, staff, and finance a number of programs and activities for our guests all year 'round. 

The Friends of Chippokes (FOC) operate the Gift Shop located in the Packard garage (c. 1837). Money raised in the Gift Shop and other activities is used to provide for park needs and to enrich the Chippokes experience for our guests.  For example, the Friends provided the funds to purchase the TVs and DVD players in the guest cabins.

The Friends support the Park staff with the campfire programs, Junior Rangers, and outreach to Surry Elementary School children.

The Friends also become "residents" to interpret from Chippokes' past at certain times during the year.

The Friends raise money to fund specific park needs and programs, mainly through donations, Gift Shop, and firewood sales. 

To see current and future Park activities, take a look at our Chippokes calendar and the DCR Calendar.

Helping The Friends

If you are willing to help, the Friends are willing to let you. Heck, they even provide any training that might be necessary!

A few of the many Volunteer opportunities that abound at Chippokes:   

  • Provide assistance during park events
  • Help maintain grounds, garden, and trails
  • Mansion docents
  • Help archive and catalog historical documents and artifacts
  • Work in the gift shop
  • Assist with fossil walks
  • Assist with canoe trips

Volunteer hours earn awards such as:

  • Lifetime pass to all Virginia State Parks
  • Free camping and cabin benefits
  • Job experience when applying for employment

You might have special skills or talents that will allow us to expand our programs. TALK TO US!

For general information on volunteering, contact the Park Volunteer Coordinator, at 757-294-3625.


You do not have to be a member of the Friends of Chippokes in order to be a volunteer.  However, by becoming a member of FOC, you will be better informed and will become an integral part of Park operations.  So, if you want to join, you are quite welcome!   

Annual dues are $15 individual; $25 family, and are renewed at the end of January. 

To join, submit your name, address, phone, e-mail, and check payable to "Friends of Chippokes," to:  Friends of Chippokes Plantation State Park, 695 Chippokes Park Road, Surry, VA 23883.


Regularly scheduled meetings are the second Saturday in the month, at 10:00AM, in the Jones-Stewart Mansion conference room.  Prospective members are encouraged to come to a meeting and get acquainted.


Officers include:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three directors.  All are elected to serve two-year terms, and can be reelected.

Our Officers

Co-Presidents - Anne Nall and Barbara Lindley email
Co-Vice Presidents - Lisa and Eddie Wrightson
Secretary - Helen Sthal
Treasurer - Phil Redmond
Assistant Treasurer - Pat Pauley
Directors - Judith Pysher and Terri White


Friends of Chippokes was incorporated in 1999 by a group of dedicated volunteers to carry out Our Mission.

FOC is a 50lc(3) non-profit organization.  Donations are tax deductible and gratefully received. 

For more information e-mail us at